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David Weiner, master electronic clockmaker, creates original, handmade clocks housed in a variety of cases from antique to ultra-moden. These mostly one-of-a-kind horological offerings feature digital displays, some of them made of vintage nixie tubes. His amazing, amusing masterpieces are functional, kinetic, time-telling works of art.

Here is the Question:
Is it art or is it a toaster?
By Dave Weiner

Back in high school in 1972, I made my first clock in wood shop. I made a cabinet out of mahogany and installed my first nixie clock with help from its inventor (Robert Lasnick), who was designing digital clocks in high school.

The difference is that I did all of my work by hand, point-to-point soldering of each part. Until the clock board was finished. Then finding the THING to put the clock IN.

Why a nixie clock?

Art is somethng that's in people's homes. It would be nice if that art thingy did something other than just lie there and look nice... maybe tell the time? That's been done lots of ways too but NIXIE tubes, that soft cold cathode glow of neon, the numbers jumping back and forth, is a true neon animation long gone. Replaced by the computer and the CRT (cathode ray tube). So how many things are in the home and have numbers (readouts)? --- CLOCKS, microwave, tv, vcr...

Why 8 digits on some of my clocks?

Like sand through the hourglass these are the nixies that run like hell. Sub seconds is something I love to add to my clocks, and colored LEDs to show logic changes-- not really needed for telling time but great to look at.

I have made clocks out of beveled glass, bent plastic, "found" 8-day wind-up clocks, granite (try drilling holes in 3/4 inch granite), colored marble, pewter cast, old clock bodies, KOA wood from Hawaii, optical glass in cats eye, Nelson ball clock replicas made from Japanese marbles that I drilled holes in and epoxyed onto brass tubes ------- and all manner of salvaged things.

On this website is a gallery of most of my clocks. Yes, they are for sale. Yes, I love them, and yes it kills me to sell them off. I'd rather sell my children. But I don't have any children. So I am selling these, hoping to make a little income as well as brighten someone else's life with a bit of whimsical beauty. If you see a clock that interests you, "let's talk".


About the pricing of my clocks

The prices of all the clocks on this site are negotiable; however, the inherent value of my clocks is driven by:

1. the components: (a) Type/size/rarity of display; and (b) Housing material, i,e, stone, glass, antique cabinet, custom plastic, etc.

2. The time and labor that went into making the clock. All circuirty is made by hand, I can't go to Walmart and buy a Nixie clock board!


(Oh, I forgot to mention -- some of the photos have a soda can in them. The can is there just to illustrate the size of the clocks. The can is not for sale. I know, seems pretty obvious. But, on the other hand...)

Anyway, thanks for looking ... and buying!!

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