Westdave's Wild World of Clocks.

Ball Clocks


These are my own creations, Inspired by the wonderful George Nelson atomic ball clocks from the 1950s.


Drilled multi-colored 1" Japanese glass marbles. That was no fun, believe me. (YOU try drilling small glass spheres...) G.E. school clock action with big hands. Approx. 15" in diameter.


This is a big one, about 27" in diameter, made with lacquered wooden balls and BIG hands.


Drilled multi-colored 1" Japanese glass marbles. Seth-Thomas clock movement, faced with a colorful CD. Approx. 15" in diamater.


Features optical glass cats'-eye marbles. (Too hard to drill, so I glued em to drawer-pulls.) Clock works: G.E. clock movement, fronted with an old Winchester-type hard disk drive platter. Size: Approx. 25" in diameter.


More glued cats-eyes, as above. G.E. school clock movement with a lovely CD face and speckled-tip G.E. hands.


Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylic

Natural Stone

Antique Bodies


Found Items

Function - No Form


(Ball Clocks)

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