Westdave's Wild World of Clocks.



1-Jefferson Golden Hour with custom blue glass; 2-Koa wood custom made by Winkler Wood in Kailua Hawaii; 3- 6 nixie tubes in glass tube; 4-Japanese glass marble ball clock.


Koa wood custom made by Winkler Wood in Kailua Hawaii, with large Nixie tubes.{{{SIZE}}}


Pewter "art deco" clock cabinet from Grannie's parlor or boudoir! Refashioned into a working digital clock with HP readouts. Grannie would be thrilled.


"African Talking Clock." -- a 'found' carved African icon of some sort. Black ebony (?) Inlaid with glass spheres. With a tiny, multi-cell horn that audibly speaks the time. A rooster crows in the morning at 6 a.m.


Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylic

Natural Stone

Antique Bodies


Found Items

Function - No Form


Ball Clocks

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