Westdave's Wild World of Clocks.



Glass frame with small Nixie tubes.


Cobalt glass billet (poured glass); "The Impossible Clock" - socalled because it is made out of 1" thick glass which is beyond the glass worker's normal working range.


A sheet of antique blue mirror, small stand-up Nixie tubes.


Custom beveled glass housing with eight RCA numerotron readouts.


Antique blue glass mirror base. Neon "British flag" displays.


Clock by Cozmodog. Glass plate with stand-up Nixies. Displays day and date (microcontroller controlled).


Custom-made bevelled glass sporting stand-up RCA numeratrons which are white-light filament tubes. Sub-seconds in a smaller size. Weighs a ton and will break easily.


Free-standing clock in a glass tube with a marble base. Features round nixies and two power supplies.


Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylic

Natural Stone

Antique Bodies


Found Items

Function - No Form


Ball Clocks

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