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Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylics


l 1930 lincoln clock lucite 4 Russian IN17 tubes, kit in 1930 Lincoln bakelite clock case designed by Moses l b8091 lucite jade-colored plastic with 6 B8091 large round tubes (one of the largest available), housed in custom plexiglas case l DSC01319 lucite 6 Numitron DR2000 tubes - driven by MM5314 chip. Mounted on large lucite cones and base. l DSC01324 lucite 8-tube Numitron (6 digits + colons). Mounted on lucide column-base filled with marbles l DSC01326 lucite 6 tube B8091 big round nixie in custom plastic case hand wired with TTL glue logic l DSC01329 lucite 6 tube B-8091 big round nixies in a custom plastic case hand wired with TTL glue logic read verticaly l DSC01330 lucite 4 digit nixie tube Zm1000 in a bakelite new haven clock case hand wired with TTL glue logic l DSC01331 lucite 6 digit nixie tube using the nl-841 nixie in a plastic tube with end caps claus urbach - oz2cpu -clock kit l DSC01332 lucite 6 digit B-5092 clock in custom plastic clock case Early David forbes clock kit with custom westdave leading "0" cpu chip l DSC01710 lucite 6 digit nixie clock B4998 smallest rectangle nixie tubein a bakelite housing that once held a mechanical tempture recorder (tempscribe)is now changed to timescribe claus urbach - oz2cpu -clock kit l DSC01796 lucite 6 digits is not nixie but edgelite plastic displays ,each number is a piece of plastic side lighted by a incandescant lamp 2 circit boards of TTL glue logic, hand wired with 2 power supplys one for logic ,one to run all the lamps all in a custom rainbow plastic case

(Lucite, Plexiglass and Acrylic)
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